Wednesday, January 7, 2009

27 weeks

This is not a potty training post.

Although, I will say today was rough. We put pants on the poor kid and took him out into the real world. It was a disaster. Poor dear. When we finally got home and took his pants off, he was fine. So, I suppose we never get to leave the house again... until kindergarten. Sad.

Anyway! I had a midwife appt today. I had to ask HER how far along I was. Funny, with Henry I could have told you down to the minute how pregnant I was. With Spencer, it was a little less obsessive, and with this baby, I try to remember I'm due in April, but I keep losing track of how pregnant that makes me NOW.

She pronounced me 27 weeks. I'm measuring ever so slightly ahead, which means basically nothing. Baby sounded great, and he is a wiggle-monster.

I am counting my blessings with this pregnancy. Several of my friends have had/are having extremely difficult pregnancies, complicated with things like pre-eclampsia, premature babies and other hard, scary things. So far, all I have to complain about is heart burn. I am so grateful for a healthy baby and an easy pregnancy.

Henry LOVES to help Kim (that's the MW) with the doppler and measuring. He gets a big kick out of it. But every time we have an appointment, I'm reminded WHY my children are so not invited to the actual birth. What a disaster that would be. "Spencer, PLEASE don't touch the oxygen tank...." Or, "Henry do you need to go potty???" Um, no.

So, things are smooth sailing. I enter the fabulous 3rd trimester next week. Time is flying, that's for sure.

Derek and I actually SAT DOWN and MADE A NAME LIST. It's a miracle. We make a list with each baby. With Henry, we kinda, maybe thought that maybe we'd name him Henry, and with Spencer, well, it came outta nowhere. So, we'll see, but still, be proud, we made a list. Don't ask what his name is because we don't know, but at least we have 10 names. WOOT!
Here I am, in all my almost-third-trimester glory. Sigh.

From Jan 2009

I just keep getting fatter, there's no way around it.

Edited to add: Spencer LOVES pancakes. He ate four for dinner. Just thought you should know.


Kara said...

You are so adorable though!! I love it.

Becky said...

"I just keep getting fatter, there's no way around it."

Say this with pride, lady! You're growing a baby!! :)

Alisa and Jared said...

You're so beautiful! I never look that look good when I'm preggo!

BloggingBills said...

You are gorgeous!
I vote for Maynard Alexander.
Or Maynard Alouisis.
He'd have 'MA' for initials.
Think about it.


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