Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Who is this boy?

Today, I told Henry to go put his socks away.

This is what I later found:
From December

Yup, Sock ornaments.

Then, later he was talking to me and I turned around and found him donning the Christmas blanket. He looked like Mary, or maybe a shephard.

So, I grabbed the camera and said, "Henry smile!" and he wouldn't.

From December

That sweet boy of mine... I wonder about him sometimes. Where did he come from?


Chelsea said...

I hope Henry is pleased with himself. He should be; he just put the biggest smile of the day on my face. Even an audible chuckle!

Gosh, I miss you Hagey folks.

Amber C said...

He's a Hagey...nuff said! Ha ha!

Melissa said...

May I just say that you are the most dedicated blogger I know? Really! I love reading about what you guys are up to. Wish I had so much fun stuff to say too, and the time to do it! :) Take care, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Morgan and Derek said...

Chels- Henry is ALWAYS pleased with himself.

Amber- I know, I know. Nothing should surprise me...

Melissa- HI!!!!! I check in on your blog as well from time to time. Have fun in CO!

Alisha said...

That is such a Hagey thing to do. I'm sorry. But its true.

Alisha said...
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