Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hell has frozen over.


It. is. SNOWING. And it has been since noon. There are INCHES on the ground. I am in Heaven.

I was unhappy when Derek was forced to go to work, but they closed the clinic early so he spent 90 minutes driving the 20 minute commute. However, he brought me chicken, so we're still friends. I was SOOOOO glad he was home early because it's not 6:40 and it's STILL snowing.

Did I mention that I am in Heaven???? I know it won't last. But, boy oh boy, I love it.

Here is our day in a pictorialesque timeline:

Henry, at 12:15 as the snow is beginning. It looked like rain on the ground, but it was DEFINITELY white coming out of the sky.
From December

The streaks in the picture are the snow.
From December

2:00 pm right outside my door, I was ANXIOUSLY awaiting Spencer getting up from his nap so we could go play. Derek left for work, with Henry declaring, "But Daddy, I don't want you to go to work!"
From December

2:30, Spencer was up and we were OUT! Henry's coat from last year still fit, but Spencer's didn't. So, he wore Henry's old one, which was still too small. So is his hat. I feel he looks like Charlie Brown in the picture. You can totally see it now can't you?
From December

Spencer had no concept of snow, so his first word outside was "WOAH!" which was of course, adorable.
From December

Henry was determined to go down the slide, but it was MUCH too slippery, and he couldn't even stand up.
From December

Henry catching snowflakes.
From December

Henry would have NEVER come inside if I hadn't had to force him due to Spencer's hands being so cold he was crying.
From December

Truthfully, I wouldn't have come in either...

From December

We put on Toy Story 2 and ate cookies. Lovely.

From December

And it's STILL snowing.

Ahhh, a little slice of Heaven.

Sad that it won't last.


Kara said...

I love that you and Alisa posted at the same time (I think at least). I'm super happy for you that you got snow. It's probably a wonderful break from the hot weather.

Carolyn said...

I love your story telling! What cute pictures. I love that Henry loves the snow so much!

Alisha said...

That is wonderful. So glad it snowed. I know how much you do love it. Hope it happens again on days when Derek is at home. Wouldn't want him driving anywhere near people from Vegas with no concept of snow.

Yasmine said...

I'm glad you got some weather that you like. (I don't hate you anymore! But I'd still like to send all MY snow to you!)

Alisa and Jared said...

Wohoo! Congrats! It think in another locale I wouldn't be cheering, but in Vegas, it deserves celebration (inside the house, of course)! Enjoy!

BloggingBills said...

Of course there'll be no snow for us when we get there, but we don't mind because there is a ton of snow, literally a ton, outside our door. It was a scary ride home because State Road 92 becomes impassible in snow.

I only like snow in the movies.



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