Monday, December 15, 2008

Delicious Tastes of Christmas

No. It did not snow. At all. It did however, rain ALL DAY LONG. I loved it but my kids were unimpressed.

So, for our Family Home Evening we decided to make this delicious popcorn. We also made these beautiful cookies which were not nearly as pretty when we did it.

Well, we are no artists, but my goodness we had a blast.

First, you're supposed to crush candy canes. This was PERFECT for a couple of little boys.

From December

From December

You can also see our sugar cookies in the background. I don't have any pics of them...

Anyway, so we did all the rest of the steps. And the popcorn is YUMMY! Here is Spencer waiting his share:

From December

This face says it all:
From December

He finally managed to stretch a get some before it was cooled.
From December

Don't lick your computer screen, but look at this!
From December

The sticky factor stressed Henry out but he still loved it.

We had a very successful Family Home Evening. Gotta love those!


Becky said...

That popcorn looks amazing!

I made peppermint bark last week and I just have to ask, was smashing up candy canes a whoooole lot harder than it looked? Cuz I had to bust out my hammer and go to town on those bad boys!

Chelsea said...

I find it endearing that Henry was stressed by the sticky factor. I get stressed out by things like sticky factors, too.

Morgan and Derek said...

Yeah, Becky, I don't have pics of Derek getting the meat cleaver and finishing them off. :) The boys LOVED Daddy hammering away. :)

Chelsea, yeah, he's happier with it today since it's hardened.

Alisa and Jared said...

Ugh. I am NOT happy that you posted that. It looks WAY too good! Now I'm going to have to search all around town, trying to figure out where the heck I can find chocolate (still haven't found chocolate chips) and peppermint! It took me nearly a month to find the air-pop popcorn hidden between the bags of rice and beans. You owe me 2 hours, I think! Urgh!

Sara said...

The candy cane smashing is Tyler's favorite part too! Love the pics.


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