Saturday, December 6, 2008

A weekend in review

So, I realize there is a day left in the weekend, but Sunday is usually uneventful, so I'll write it up today.

Yesterday, Derek had off, which is always lovely for a Friday. We did most of our Christmas shopping. Our poor boys did not enjoy it. :) We had a good time hiding stuff from the boys but Henry always saw it. So, we'd lie shamelessly and tell him he could look, but we weren't taking it home. Then, Derek would run them out to the car, I'd buy whatever we were buying and stash it in the back of the minivan. It was a blast.

The highlight of yesterday's Christmas shopping (besides being with my cute lil family) was Henry INSISTING that no matter what, he simply had to have a TURKEY sandwich. Derek tried valiantly to sway him towards pizza. (We don't eat out, ever unless we're traveling, so getting to go to lunch is a big deal for EVERYONE.) Derek really really wanted pizza. But Henry was absolutely completely adamant.

So, we went to Subway. Majorly underwhelming when one is hoping for pizza. But Henry ate and ENTIRE 6 inch sub, so I suppose he meant what he said. And I made a homemade pizza for Derek for dinner, so everyone won. :)

Today, we finished Christmas shopping. This including going to the STRIP (shudder). Why would we ever even consider doing something like that? Well, every year we have a Christmas gift exchange with my siblings, and the theme for the year is "VEGAS!" So, we kind of needed to go to the most Vegas-y place in all Vegas. Again, I say, *shudder*. The rodeo is in town, and so there were tons of cowboys. Henry loved it.

Now, everything is wrapped. So, if my boys find stuff, hopefully, I'll hear crinkling before they get it opened.

And I have 19 days to spare. All that's left now is Derek and I doing out "solo" shopping. Go us, we're awesome. :)

And finally, all my boys went to Salon-Mama and had their hairs cut. Including Spencer. My little Turbo finally needed a hair cut. Really, I've been waiting because I wanted to see if his hair was going to curly... which is never did. And he's in the habit of smearing food in his hair, so it was always greasy. This will be better. I have a picture but it's stuck on my camera, and I can't get it off, which is, indeed, a tragedy.

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BloggingBills said...

You go girl! I am 90% done with Christmas shopping, mostly because I am not spending a lot of money and so that makes it easy. However, I am not 90% done on MAKING stuff.

As for "Vegas" themed stuff, I can only say, the ornaments for this year are pretty Vegas-y and cute!



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