Thursday, December 4, 2008

Innovation at work

I don't know why, but little kids like to wear hats. But, everything is a hat to them. Today, we were outside playing and the boys were digging in the dirt. Suddenly, the bowls weren't fun as bowls. Instead, they were helmets.


From Bowl-head

Don't mind the goofy look on Spencer's face.
From Bowl-head

And in other news, more proof that I live in the ghetto:

There was a shooting across the parking lot from my house last night. But don't worry, the police were called and responded immediately. There were notes put on all our doors today about the "incident." Ridiculous. Oh, but take heart, the people involved were NOT residents. Just visitors. How is that supposed to make me feel better? If they had been residents, they'd get evicted, and we wouldn't have to worry. But, no, these punks were just loitering and got into a fight. So, why wouldn't they come back here? GRRRRRRR.

Okay, tangent over. :)


Chelsea said...

Don't worry, Morgan. I grew up in the ghetto in EC and turned out alright. It's scary, but I know you and Derek are highly capable at parenting even in such ghetto conditions.

BloggingBills said...

I'm sorry avout the ghetto. But the arrival of a certain package and its resultant NOT being stolen has to help boost your opinion of your digs.

Cute hate the boys have.


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