Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Naptime blogging

Usually I blog at night, but Derek is trying to get this crazy paper ready about alcohol and the family (Alcohol + family = problems, why is that hard?) and it's taking up my computer time. So I'm blogging during naps. And by "naps" I mean Henry is watching Curious George and by "naps" I mean Spencer is rolling around in his bed refusing to sleep and irritating the heck outta me.

But regardless, here I sit.

So, for our Family Home Evening last night we had a Christmas lesson. We're trying SOOOOO hard for Henry to understand that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. We made the mistake of explaining that instead of candles, Jesus got a new star on his birthday. Henry then insisted that Jesus also blew the star out, just like a candle.

SO! We moved on and FINALLY made our countdown paper chain to Granne and Papa and Christmas.

From December

And then we had extra links, so we made hats. Don't mind Spencer's filth. He spilled chocolate milk during dinner and I'm not going to change him an hour before bed. Sorry.

From December

From December

And then we ate fudge. Fudge is a Christmas tradition, and one we enjoy.

Then, this morning, Henry was bored waiting for breakfast, so he entertained himself with canned goods. Never fear, your food storage is good for more than just eating.

From December

From December

Isn't he cute in his jammies?

So now, I'm trying to get the sewing for Christmas done. I have two pairs of tiny boys PJ pants to sew, but I'm waiting for the dryer to be done so I can get my material. Hohum.

What a life folks. Seriously.


Becky said...

So what you're saying is that nap time isn't a fun, relaxing, hassle-free event in your house. Is that right? Cuz my kids never have those kinds of problems...

Ha! If only.

Morgan and Derek said...

Exactly Becky. I remember when I had just one kid and I'd finally get him down and then AHHH freedom.

Not so much anymore...

BloggingBills said...

Just wait until they are teenagers. They will nap all the time, instead of doing what you want them to, like homework, housework, dishes, laundry, etc.

You will wonder how they ever function during the day at school without 10 naps. (Of course they may actually take ten naps a day, as their grades might suggest....)

Anyway, in only one short decade they'll be napping all the time.

What a thing to look forward to!


Chelsea said...

Ma's right. I napped/read all day instead of doing my laundry, dishes and I'm sure many other, useful things I should've been doing. It's almost just as bad.


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