Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh what do you do...

in the hour before dinner?

We have what we call "the witching hour" around here. That stretch from 4:00-5:00 is HARD! When Derek is home, they dance and play and go run around outside. It helps push through that sleepy, hungry hour while I make dinner.

BUT! Derek works late on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so first off, I don't make dinner. Not really anyway, just small and quick.

And secondly, their awesome, super-fun daddy is missing, so that hour is even harder.

Today, this is what we did:
From December

We wrapped ourselves up in blankets and hid from one another.

From December


We (And by "we" I mean Spencer and Henry) fought over the "new" popper that my visiting teacher brought for the boys.
From December

And Henry took our pictures.
From December

I may frame that one...

Henry got mad when I took the camera away.
From December

From December

Nice, huh?

And to top it off, we had hot homemade rolls and hot chocolate for dinner. Oh, and I opened a can of mandarin oranges. GO ME!

So, do you have that hour of the day when you try your hardest not to completely LOSE it??? How do you get through?


Yasmine said...

So familiar! When Jason is gone I try to go for crockpot or frozen pizza. Hunter sits at the counter and whines and McKay follows me around begging to be held so he can see what I'm cooking. It's impossible and NOT worth it. Don't worry about the simple dinners. Usually my kids refuse to eat the lasagna but will wolf down a can of tomato soup. Save the "real dinners" for when hubby is home.

Morgan and Derek said...

It's so nice to know I'm not alone. The nights when Derek is gone is usually scrambled eggs or PB&J! It's just too hard.

Amber C said...

Dave is home after 7 p.m. M-F and I feed a couple of my in-laws Tu-Th so I cook full on meals. The "witching hour" has lots of "No!" and "Soon!" being said. Once I let the two kids go play in the bath tub while I cooked (the kitchen is close to the kids' bathroom), I've also let them pick out a movie they want to watch, color, or drag all the pillows and blankets into the family room next to the kitchen and go crazy. Some things work and others don't.

Anna said...

I give my children a small snack while I make dinner. Or I put on a show for them to watch. works like a charm

Erin said...

Don't think I didn't notice you stole my cute background link... I noticed. :-)

Morgan and Derek said...

Yeah, so did Sarah, lemme alone. ;)

BloggingBills said...

The way I dealt with it (now I just fix dinner and yell at the boys to quit eating bowls of cereal while I fix dinner!) was that I made dinner in the morning, then between 4 and 5 I put dinner in to warm and read a book or taught piano (in Wausau). Most of the days between 1980 and 2001 your dad wasn't home in time for dinner (only a few times here and there) so we ate a lot without him.



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