Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My children both were awake by 5 am. They had too much to drink before bed and were soaked, therefore UP for good. Sigh.

So, we tried to get through the day. I made rolls and bread and stuff. BUT, in true "Morgan" fashion, I decided to try to burn the house down in the process. One of the bread recipes calls for a stick of butter melted over the top. Great. But, the dish I was baking it in was too shallow. The butter overflowed and combine grease with a gas oven... enter smoke, a lot of it. Many fans blew and all the doors were open. Still, there was a lot of coughing. Oh, and all the food has a faint hint of smoke-gas flavor. Not as yummy as I had hoped.

At one point today, Henry was SO overtired and being... well... kinda naughty. He turned to me and begged to watch Clifford. But, I felt like that would be rewarding his behavior, although, I don't think he was entirely responsible for his bad choices, he was SO tired.

So, as a compromise, I told him to go play in his room. I told him to be good and I would come get him in a bit. Then he could watch Clifford. He went, begrudgingly. I heard him in his room for literally 4 seconds. Then he appeared in the hall and called, as sweetly as can be, "Mom! I'm ready for you to come get me!"

He didn't quite get it...

I also felt VERY guilty when he looked at me earlier today and said, "Mom, you mad at me?" Sigh. I was, he was being so bad, but that just got to me.

My chillens went to bed, super sleepy today (ya think?) so now, I'm vegging. YAY!

I made the boys new super hero capes and they were a hit!

From Guide to being a Superhero

From Guide to being a Superhero

From Guide to being a Superhero

From Guide to being a Superhero

What could be more adorable than little Superheros? By the way Henry calls it his "Super Cape." He doesn't care to wear it in the house, but if we go out, then he MUST have it. If Henry has his, then Spencer MUST have his.

I love my little early birds.


Carolyn said...

Aw, their capes are so cute! What adorable boys! :)

Jen said...

you're such a good mommy to make them superhero capes!! My boys were both soaking when they woke up this am too--but luckily for me that wasn't until 8, since I am not an early bird!


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