Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'll believe it when I see it

Snow, that is.

I live in LAS VEGAS, and they are forcasting SNOW for MOnday. It makes me laugh, kind of a lot.

Now, I am not denying the possiblity, at all. It snows apparently a little every year.

What makes me laugh is how worked up everyone is about this.

On the news last night (and I'm certain it will be this evening as well) they had an expert from the DOT on discussing how dangerous it is to drive fast when the roads are wet.

So, slow down everyone. PLEASE, I mean it. I was watching people flip their cars over in New Mexico. SLOW DOWN ON WET ROADS.

Another For example:

I was at the mall today, (this is a big deal, trust me) and I was in a particular store (I won't say which because on the off chance Derek reads this post, I don't want to spoil his Christmas surprise...) and this very lovely saleswoman comes up to me and tries to sell me slipper socks. (I DO NOT like it when people bug me with what they are selling. I am not good at refusing, and I have guilt when I do.)

Here is our conversation:

Lady: Have you FELT these socks? (holds up socks like they are a treasure)

Me: Excuse me?

Lady: These socks! FEEEEEEL them.

Me: (Akwardly touching socks, I wonder to myself how many other people have felt this exact pair of slipper socks today) Very soft.

Lady: And SOOOOOO warm! And only $3.50.

Me: Wow. That's cheap.

Lady: Yes, and it's going to be SOOOOO cold tonight. You'll need these.

Me: (stares stupidly at her, unsure of what to say.)

Lady: It may SNOW! You want them?

Me: Um. I'm from Wisconsin. Your "cold" doesn't scare me.

Lady: (Appearing bitterly disappointed, realizing she has lost) Oh. Never mind then.

And then she walked away.


I need warm slipper socks.


Sorry. It's just so funny.

I told Derek if it does snow we're not leaving our house, and not because I'm afraid of the snow.

I'm afraid of all the people who are afraid of the snow.

I am certain they laugh at me the same way when I cry and lament the 111 degree summer heat.


Alisa and Jared said...

OH SHOULD have gotten the warm socks that you'll only need one time every 2 years. Hahaha...way to shut her down...haha...I would have paid to see it!

It was sad reading your post about the fire worst nightmare (there are so many ants here)!

Good luck on Monday!

John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

Oh my goodness, that is exactly how it is here in TX when it snows (and it does 2 or 3 times every winter). People freak out and there are accidents all over the place...all the stores shut down (seriously) in even a slight snow storm. It's hilarious...weirdos. But we too try not to venture out because of the other drivers.

Chelsea said...

That's similar too, but slightly better than my Seattle Ikea experience. I was helping Jake and his roommate pick out and purchase furniture for their apartment and, in the couch section, we'd run into a very helpful salesman who told us he'd help us with our entire purchase whenever we were ready after I'd told him we still had some browsing to do. I assured him we'd be back looking for him since he'd been the most friendly and helpful salesperson we'd come to yet. When we did come back, he promptly helped us ring up our purchases and gave us our map for the lower level and was waiting for the computer to process something. He began to make small talk, asking if we were moving, if so,where from. Jake and I explained that we'd driven from WI and arrived a day or two ago. He immediately began doing some strange impression of what, apparently, Seattle-ites think a WI accent sounds like. Jake, being from TX, doesn't really have the thickest WI accent. Brian had been silent, but of COURSE, I was chatty and am WI born & bred.
I said, "That's not how people in WI talk."
He said, "No, really, I've got relatives out there and that's what it's like on the phone. It's hilarious."
I said, "Have any of us sounded like that?"
"No. Not at all. Where are you from?"
"Wisconsin. Born and bred."
"Oh.... uh... huh. Well..."

WI-1, WA-0

Becky said...

Um. I'm from Wisconsin. Your "cold" doesn't scare me.

Love it! We lived in Virginia for a while, and one day they closed schools because there was a possibility of snow the next day. Yep, that's right. No actual snow on the ground, but there MIGHT have been some the next day, so no school.

Funny stuff, indeed.

Morgan and Derek said...

I suppose it makes sense, people live here because they LIKE the warm and dry. So precipitation and cold is not their favorite. I am definitely a stranger in a strange land.

Anna said...

if it does indeed snow, please post pictures, for snow in Vegas is hard for me to fathom.


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