Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This n' that

Well, I caved. I saw "it."

"It" was fine. The director in me (and yes, don't laugh, there is one...) had some issues with "it."

Ultimately, Derek decided his time was better spent NOT at the movie theater. He stayed home and watched "The Dark Knight" on DVD. Don't ask how my brother managed to get a copy, I will say it was legal... it's a Thanksgiving miracle.

So, I saw Twilight, my mommy and I. Not my fave, but not as horrible as some people have painted it to be either.

And, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

Tonight, I am grateful neither myself or my husband drinks blood... that I know of.


BloggingBills said...

I liked it better than Boo Boo.

Alisha said...

We saw it too. I thought the cinematography was good - although way too saturated with filters that never varied regardless of local. But really, I laughed out loud when certain lines were delivered because they were just that bad. I didn't think anything could be worse than the book, boy was I wrong. Oh well. Direct needs to learn to use levels. Maybe someday ... But they say even a good director can't save a bad script :)

I think Derek made the right choice.


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