Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let us oft speak kind words...

So, I have this vision.

It is of my boys, in about 5 years. I pray and dream that they are the VERY best of friends. That Henry looks out for Spencer and New Baby and they in return idolize him and try to be just like him. They share their toys and run and play pirates together.

It is a BEAUTIFUL dream.

I am not kidding. I pray for this.

But, there is a snag.

While Henry adores his little brother and loves him very much... they sometimes... disagree... about certain things.

Case and Point:

Today, they were in the backyard at my parents' house. They were digging in the dirt, which I assure you, is a fantastic past-time for little boys.... anyway

So, I have let the dog out back (who remember weighs 200 pounds, no I am not exaggerating...)

Then, I step away for a moment and hear a terrible, horrible, blood-curdling scream that turns into a cry, coming from Henry.

I think, "Holy crap, the dog has sat upon Henry." Seriously, it could happen, and if it did, it would hurt.

Then I hear Spencer begin to make the same tortured noises. What has happened? Has my parents' extremely docile, patient, gentle giant of a dog snapped and bitten one of my children???

I run back to the door, cursing that I ever stepped away.

There was the dog, all the way across the lawn, staring at my children, 50 feet away as they screamed and cried.

I could tell the dog was thinking, "Geez, keep it down, I'm trying to sleep!"

What was the source of the pain?

Spencer had stolen Henry's shovel.

Henry cried and took it back. Spencer cried and was grabbing for it.

All was solved as I handed Spencer HIS shovel and bucket and reminded them both there was enough to go around.

"A dream is a wish.... your heart makes...."

Literally, in.my.dreams.



Chelsea said...

Well... They... MIGHT learn to be buddies. It could happen. 5 whole years?

...And if not just send them to boarding school or boot camp or something.

Becky said...

Every time my sister and I got in a fight, my dad made us stand and face each other and sing "Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words."

I still hate that song...


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