Saturday, November 29, 2008

The hazards...

of visiting family is that someone ends up sick. Always.

My brothers were dying of some kind of plague-like cold when we got here, and then we spent the last day up north with my sister's family. Yeah, they all had the stomach flu in the last week.


I'm not feeling as hot as I would like.

I'm especially excited because we get to drive home 6 hours tomorrow.

Wish me luck.


McEuens said...

I love your family, but what is it about them ALWAYS giving you the stomach flu? We're waiting for our turn in January, which is when we always get it. Hope you all feel better soon!

Anne said...

Hope the ride home was spew free. I love the dream you have of your boys in the future. Mine seems extremely similar. Take care guys.

Anna said...

If you are anything like us you'll get both illnesses at the same time, it make for a very fun time. Good luck driving home!!!

BloggingBills said...

Here's to a ssafe and enjoyable drive home, a flu free Christmas season and lots of love and health and happiness. Thanks for coming for Thanksgiving. It was wonderful!
Love to all,

Yasmine said...

Good luck super mom!

BloggingBills said...

Hey baby: Whatever you have I have it too! Hope you aren't too ill!


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