Thursday, November 6, 2008


*8 TV Shows I Like to Watch: (And now with the magic of DVR are all commercial free)

1. Chuck
2. Bones
3. Criminal Minds
4. Ghost Whisperer
5. Ugly Betty
6. Crusoe
7. Grey's
8. House

*Favorite Restaurants: (I can only pick 8?)

1. Red Robin
2. PF Changs
3. Olive Garden
4. Wendy's
5. Astro Burgers
6. Jersey Mikes
7. Mimi's Cafe
8. TGI Friday's

*Favorite Places to Shop:
1. Target
2. Kohls
3. JoAnns
4. Sam's Club
5. Costco
6. Michael's
7. Hancock
8. Whole Foods

*Things that Happened Yesterday:

1. Made my bed
2. Took a shower
3. Laundry
4. Dishes x3
5. Changed 8 diapers
6. Called my sister
7. Played outside x2
8. Sewed a sling

*Things I'm Looking Forward to:

1. Thanksgiving
2. Christmas
3. Derek's graduation
4. Baby #3
5. Erin having a baby (someday, no she's not pregnant)
6. Henry's Birthday
7. Derek's birthday
8. Super Saturday being OVER (Nov 22!!!(

* Things on my Wish List:

1. A house
2. A piece of paper with Derek's name and "PhD" next to it.
3. A garden
4. A fenced backyard
5. Storage room
6. Um, I'm out of ideas...

*8 People I am Tagging:

1. Diane
2. Whit
3. Erin
4. Sarah
5. Kelsey
6. Lindsay
7. Kara N.
8. Lisa

(Only if you want to, I won't be offended if you don't.)


Erin said...

You shop at Whole Foods? What is Super Saturday?

Morgan and Derek said...

No, I don't shop there, I just love walking around it and sometimes we buy a cookie.

Super Saturday is the nightmare of enrichments. I, somehow, got to be in charge of it. It is NOT my job, but I am doing it and I hate it.

Alisha said...

That is fun. I enjoyed doing this myself for my blog. Thanks for the nice break from cleaning and listening to Hannah Montana

BloggingBills said...

Was I supposed to tag 8 people when Kelsey tagged me?

If so then I tag Caleb and Joshua and Alice and ALL the SONS-IN-LAW!



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