Monday, November 17, 2008

Do you...

have any idea how much I CLEANED today?

You don't?

Count your blessings. My goodness, my house needed the scrubbing and while it took all stinking day, it was clean for just a few glorious moments. Now, laundry is towering on my bed. We must put it away before bed, or it'll never get done! Dirty boy clothes are in a trail from the living room to the bathroom, and there are indeed dishes in the sink. Toys sprinkle the floor, promising that I'll step on one and probably say a bad word. Blah.

Sad. How is one supposed to have a house of order when my little princes so blatantly sabatoge my efforts?

Oh well, I'm eating birthday cheesecake, so life is indeed delicious.


1 comment:

Amber C said...

Sad to say, I know how you feel. I scrubbed the kids' bathroom only to have toothpaste and soap all over the sink again. Isabelle is on the finishing end of potty training, but she uses a ton of toilet paper! I clean in the morning and then I clean again before Dave gets home so he can see the house clean for a few minutes.


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