Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Big 3-0

So, we finally decided after much deliberation that not very many people get to spend their 30th birthday in VEGAS!

Well, a few people do, I suppose.

Therefore, we headed for the strip.

Anyway, we got our babysitter, my dear friend Lesley over by 6:40. The boys were in bed and we were outta there!

We went to Excalibur, which is the "castle" hotel. Derek and decided to hit the BUFFET! HAHAH! $18 a person is very reasonable for the strip. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, except for one teeny-tiny problem: we were full after one plate and one shared dessert.

Sigh. What a couple of lightweights. :) Oh we tried. We tried SOOOOO hard, but we were just too full. It was pathetic.

In Derek's words, "We're not buffet people..."

We walked off our fullness around the hotel. The highlight of the evening: discovering the Excalibur Wedding Chapel is right next door to the....drumroll......... PIZZA HUT! How romantic.

And, we saw two different weddings. People really do that in Vegas, I guess.

Derek and I tried VERY hard to not talk about the kids. Our conversations would slowly twist back to "Henry said...." and "Spencer did..." but then one of us would careful twist away to something else.

The most interesting of our conversations:

What people from other countries who choose to visit Las Vegas must think of American's in general. Think about it, you're from France. You pick VEGAS of all places you could choose in the WHOLE country. You'll never see anything else of the US of A. And you pick Vegas. So funny. We decided it should be mandatory that before any overseas visitor is allowed to go to Vegas, they should have to visit Washington DC, Boston or Philadelphia. :)

See? We can talk about something other than our kids.

By 8:30 we were done. We had to stop at the grocery store for gravy for Derek's big birthday dinner today, and we had to get more bandaids because Henry cracked his head open on a rock. YAY!

We were home by 9:15.

Now, whilst that sounds really really sad, we had a great time. We haven't been on a date in a long time and it was lovely to hold hands and eat without children throwing food.

Then, tonight was Derek's celebration. My Beloved requested meatloaf, mashed taters and rolls. It was awesome. Only problem was, Derek got stuck at church until well after dinner time. So, we had a LATE dinner and I held the kids off with saltine crackers.

Derek and Henry blowing out the candles. Henry still hates birthday singing. And see the bandaid?

From Derek's 30th

Opening presents. :)

From Derek's 30th

YUM! Cheesecake

From Derek's 30th

I'm glad we got to celebrate his birthday for two days. It's totally the way to do it. Date night, then family party. FUN!

And again, how many guys get to celebrate their 30th birthdays in Vegas?

(Derek says it doesn't count because we live here, I choose to ignore that small, tiny detail.)

And finally, Henry's birthday is exactly one week before Derek's. SO, in my three-year-old's mind, it only makes sense that Mommy's birthday is next week. He was quite grumpy when I told him it wasn't. Then, he decided that it surely must be HIS birthday next week again. Nope. Still not. He asked when the next birthday was, and I didn't have the heart to tell him that we were done until August. So, I told him that New Baby's birthday was in April. And then he made me promise that I make the new baby a cake. Sigh. Like I'm gonna wanna do that....


Amber C said...
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Amber C said...

Morgan, have Derek make you a Welcome Baby cake for after the baby's born. OR, you can have Henry help you make it in advance and freeze it until the baby's born. Then Derek can pull it out and it'll give the big brothers something to do to leave Mommy alone and let her rest.

DebAnn said...

I can't do the buffets either... and it makes you feel even worse when you can only handle one plate at a $30 buffet your dad took you too!

Another Vegas tip, New York, New York has an AMAZING arcade... of course the boys would need to save up a lot of quarters, but it is fun!

Glad you guys had a good birthday celebration!

Becky said...

My husband and I have tried the whole don't-talk-about-the-kids thing on dates and it is HARD!

We have to keep reminding each other that in several years, when the kiddos are out in the real world, we'll only have each other. And if we're all out of things to talk about now, we're in some serious trouble! :)

Brian and Kelsey said...

LOL, I was going to say that you could have Henry and Me make it for when you bring the baby home but you will be at home... maybe we can make it to keep him busy... We'll see.. But Im glad you had fun with your hubby.

Erin said...

Happy Birthday to Derek! I think Kelsey and the boys should make the cake; she's right, it would give them something to do whilst you recover etc...:-)

Morgan and Derek said...

Amber- freezing is a great idea!

Deb- I haven't been to New York New York yet. Henry LOVES to play "games" with quarters. I bet he'd love it.

Becky- Yeah, we did talk about them, but I figure, we're allowed to talk about Derek's job, so why not mine too?

Yeah, Kelsey, we might want to wait until AFTER the baby is born, and then you can bake the cake. :)

Erin- Derek says, "THANK!" You're our next 30th, aren't you???


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