Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I hope you dance!

So, when we moved from Kansas, we gave our dumb ole stereo to our friends. It didn't play Ipods, and it skipped if you walked past it. You couldn't dance to it at ALL. And in my house, there is no point in having music if one can not dance.

So, I promised my man that he could buy a new Ipod dock/CD player when we got to Vegas. We've been here nearly 3 months, and it hadn't happened because we couldn't find one we liked. We looked and looked. Our tiny budget and Derek's persnickety attitude about most electronics IN that price range have caused a bit of a stalemate when it came to the search. (I LIKE Derek's pickiness, it ensures we don't buy crap, but it always makes it take longer to get electronics.)

Until about 2 weeks ago, Derek found one that was PERFECT on Ebay, for .........drumroll......... 99 cents. He won two, yes, two of the exact same player for 99 cents each. AWESOME!

Well, the first of 2 (don't worry, we'll be giving away the other one for Christmas) came yesterday. And we have been LOVING having it. We'd been playing music on the laptop and that is not as good. YAY!

So, tonight, I was trying to get dinner ready, and so Derek decided to crank some tunes to distract the kids.

Spencer needs NO invitation to dance and sing. You put on a song, and you get this:
From Dance Party

From Dance Party

I wish you could see him twist and spin. He LOVES to dance.

Henry needed some convincing. But, in the end, he got into it too.
From Dance Party

Sidenote: Don't you love how trashed my house is by dinner?

This was the boys dancing together, which they LOVED:
From Dance Party

After dinner, we had a clean-up dance party before baths too. They had a blast.

I'm glad Daddy was home to DJ for us. :)


Alisa and Jared said...

99 cents???!! WHAT?!!! I need one for my store...hmm...can I buy it from you?!! Hahaha...or if you see another one...let me know?!! :-)

Looks like a fun dance party!

Whitney said...

Love the dancing! I have to tell you though--your house looks great at dinner time! You have two kids--here it is just me and Drew (right now just me--but only for one more day) and I am in need of a HUGE cleaning before my man returns because this place looks like a bomb went off--followed by a tornado coming through. Wish me luck. I have about 30 hours.

Morgan and Derek said...

Hang in there Whit! You can do it!!!!

BloggingBills said...

Aren't you glad to boys and Derek and you have inherited a love of dance instead of my clutsyness and inability to walk let alone walk quickly to music?



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