Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Domesticity, or whatever.

It was a domestic kind of a day today. Kind of.

I made pumpkin bread. YUMMY! I'm getting better at the soy flour instead of egg mixtures, slowly figuring out how to make it taste great. Fabulous. The boys wanted nothing else to eat all day.

AND, because of the pumpkin-y bread goodness, I discovered a serious lack of aprons in my house. So, I made one with fabric I had. It's wayforso cute. ;) And I made it "maternity" cuz I don't know about you, but when my babies get big, I run into the counter and end up walking around all day with food on my "waist" that I can't see because of my "gut."

What exactly is a maternity apron? Well, I will tell you. It's an apron with 3 foot long ties. HAHAHAH! Should work for the whole pregnancy.

And, *I* (and by "I" I mean, of course, one of my children) managed to nearly kill us all. See, the house had been smelling "Off" all day. (I can not handle stinky houses, I NEVER get used to the smell, STINKY!) anyway, it was stinky, weird, stinky, all day. I finally figured out that someone had turned a knob on the stove. (The stupid stove has all the knobs at eye-level to a toddler). So a small amount of gas had been silenting killing us all day long. Thank goodness, I finally figured it out. Thank goodness no one lit a match. A good fan blowing and the doors open and in no time the smell disapated and no one blew up.

All in all, not exploding ones house and domesticity make for a good day. :)


Brian and Kelsey said...

That is cool. I am never domestic. How come you only carve pumpkin? And Brian and I would come to visit but we have no car.. well the truck but it would take lots of gas. You know you could come see us... oh wait you are :-)

Morgan and Derek said...

We only carve one because Derek has to do all the work anyway. One is PLENTY for us for now. :)


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