Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving!

In true Hagey-family-tradition, we carved our annual pumpkin for Family Home Evening.

It was fun, for the most part. There are always moments of "Henry, if you touch that one more time..." etc. But, again, for the most part, it was a blast.

Waiting, and yes, Henry has his finger up his nose. Sigh.
From Pumpkin Carving

Henry didn't like the guts.
From Pumpkin Carving

Family FUN!
From Pumpkin Carving

Spencer is OH SO helpful
From Pumpkin Carving

This was one thick pumpkin, power tools were no match for it.
From Pumpkin Carving

From Pumpkin Carving

Anyway, it was fun. Now the pumpkin is safely in our house because we can't take outside. It'll get smooshed.

Henry's Halloween costume arrived today, so we are ALL set for All Hallows Eve. WOO-HOO!

In other news, we had our good friends Jared and Alisa spend the night on Saturday. Unfortunately, they only got to stay one night and did I take any pictures? NO! Ridiculous.

It seems to be a perk of living in Las Vegas, PEOPLE COME TO VISIT!

So, should anyone else decide to come visit, never fear, the -Ing Family Bed and Breakfast is here for you. Do not stay on the stinky ole strip. NO! Come stay at our *quaint* little place. We have the most comfy guest bed imaginable. Never had a single complaint.

Can't wait to see you!


Alice said...

Gosh....get off my back. I was just there. I will visit again when I am good and ready. How about April? haha. Well, there is nothing like pumpkin guts and FHE. Tonight Janette and I had FHE again. We basically just ate chicken and stuffing. It was fabulous. Maybe I should be better at actually bringing her a lesson when I am inviting myself for dinner, eh? I am way excited to see you of Friday!!! :)

Anna said...

those pictures are classic! Henry seems like quite the character! How cute!

Alisa and Jared said...

Yes, it IS the BEST guest bed I've ever slept on (and believe me, we've been sleeping on a lot for the past 27 days). Not to mention the cooking was SUPERB!! WOHOOO! Thanks SOOO much for your awesome hospitality, and for sharing your never-ending primary program with us...(sorry to finally give up and leave...heheheheee).

Mexico is great, and VERY hot. Can't wait to get to the cooler weather in the town we're headed to. 3-4 more days on the road...

Thank you AGAIN and AGAIN. And I'll post photos online of us together, so you can steal them from me. Too bad we didn't get kiddo pictures. Next time!


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