Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Update

Hi there! Happy Monday! (Whatever.)

So, after our horrific Friday, the weekend picked up a bit.

It started out with Derek "unpacking" the third bedroom/office. This room is the bane of my existence, no matter where we move, we always have more crap than space, so it all gets crammed into the third bedroom. Derek did a great job getting it more organzied, but my goodness, it is AWFUL how much junk we simply "have to have."

Then, we had to go buy a fan for the living room, because really, it's HOT in there. We also had to buy a bunch of other stuff, but I don't know what.

Then we had to go to a party with Derek's co-workers and all his students. Dere did great, he schmoozed (which he detests) and I should have stayed home. All I did was chase my children around making sure they didn't trash the house where the party was being hosted. It was lame-0.

Sunday was church of course. New wards are always an adjustment. Then we drove out to Hoover Dam because it's very close to our house. We decided that we needed to take the dam tour someday. But, we'll have to get a dam babysitter because no one under the age of 8 is allowed on the actual dam. So, we'll just have to take lots of dam pictures to show the kids.

Now, it's Monday and I've spent all day cleaning my house. Why do houses get so trashed during the weekend??

1 comment:

Chels said...

Fly me out to Vegas and I'll watch your kids so you can go to the dam :D
Kayla would, too, I'm sure.


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