Friday, September 5, 2008

One very long day...

From Early morning

These are my children, watching TIVO'd Curious George at 5:00 in the freaking morning.

Spencer woke up at 3:30 but I got him back to sleep. Then Henry came into my room at 4:00. He rolled around on my floor for an hour until he started crying. He had managed to slice his knee open on my bed frame. Of course, that meant both of my children were awake.

We stumbled out into the living room. I assure you, that open spot on the couch next to Henry was immediately taken by me.

From Early morning

They got hungry. Ridiculous children, daring to want to EAT something. So, at 6:30 I made scrambled eggs. I tried to very hard to just convince them that graham crackers were good enough.

From Early morning

After breakfast, of course, they needed to get dressed. (WHY??? I don't know).
From Early morning

From Early morning

By now it was 7:00, so I put on some more Curious George.
From Early morning

But they got bored.
From Early morning

So they trashed their room.

Derek managed to wake up at 9:00, because I woke him up. Don't get too mad at him, he'd pulled an all-nighter the night before, so he really truly did need the sleep.

So, we had this major list of crap to do, but of course my children were horribly grumpy. We did manage to have a good time at the Town Center, which is this mall-type place with a huge playground and an awesome play area with fountains that shoot out of the ground. We had no extra clothes, so they had to go home in their diapers.

From Early morning

From Early morning

Lest you think that Henry is asleep, he is not. He was just closing his eyes because, oddly, he's afraid of the flash of the camera. Henry did NOT nap today, not even for one second. GRRRRRRR!

They are asleep now, and if they get up at 5:00 tomorrow morning, it is definitely Derek's turn. Pregnancy and running around all day and gettting up before dawn is exhausting. I need ice cream, and cookies. Thank goodness Derek made me some. :)


Carly said...

Holy crap. 5:00?!!!! That's like, my worst nightmare. lol. Don't worry, when they're teenagers you'll have to drag them out of bed.

Yasmine said...

Make sure there's some chocolate in those cookies and ice cream.

McEuens said...

5am. Ouch! See, that's why my children are not allowed to wake up before 7am. If they do, I've threatened to send them back (and I don't just mean back to bed).

What kind of car seats do you have those boys in? They don't look familiar to me, but Henry's is huge! Are they Britax?

Morgan and Derek said...

Spencer's is an evenflo triumph lx and Henry's is an eddie bauer, his is good to 100 pounds, and it converts into a booster at 40 pounds, I think...

BloggingBills said...

Boo, I guess I could say, "Couldn't happen to a nicer girl" cuz you did your share of BCOD mornings. But you were pretty good about entertaining yourself: you'd put on your pretty slip, and dance and play.

It only lasts til they are 12 and then their bio clock reverses and they never get up.

Love ya,

Chels said...

Derek is SUCH a good husband!
I hope they grow out of the early mornings.

Also: I got to mention you in my psychology class today twice!! Once for your musing that you may be having a girl due to the atypical symptoms you're having during this pregnancy. The second time was referencing that you're a doula. :)

Maybe for Spring Break I'll scrounge up the dinero to visit. Unlikely since I can't afford groceries most of the time lately. Ah well, Ramen will get me through til I get a few pay checks.


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