Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My baby...

is so big.

From shoes

These are his first shoes. Yes, I know he's 13 months old, but I never put my kids in shoes until they are REALLY good at walking. Well, he's not quite ready but the sweet Spencer kept bringing me Henry's shoes and trying to wear them. So, we went and got him his own shoes. And he LOVES THEM. He is getting the hang of walking in shoes and I can't get over his cute little toddle.

His other major obsession is his Wall-e automatic toothbrush. He saw me getting it ready for him after his bath and screamed at me the whole time I was drying and dressing him until he could FINALLY brush his teeth.

What a doll he is. We're so glad he's ours.


Nathaly said...

Cute shoes! What size is he? When Diego started wearing shoes he was already a size 4. But Celo's got little feet and is just barely a 3. Oh, and how many teeth does Spencer have? Celo loves to brush his teeth, too. All 4 of them, lol.

Morgan and Derek said...

We bought him 4's and they fit pretty well.

Spencer has 8 teeth and he brushes them very happily. ;)

BloggingBills said...

We loved seeing the boys again. They are so much fun and so different. They are really growing fast. That Spencer is a hoot!
Love ya,

Chels said...

I volunteer to go shoe shopping with Spencer when visiting your clan in Vegas. Of course, I'll let him pick them out and everything. :D


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