Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Apparently, I did a poor job

of blogging about Labor Day. So, now I shall try again.

On Friday, we got in the car and drove 6 hours up to Sandy. We didn't tell my parents we were coming, so we thoroughly enjoyed the surprise. We tried to go see my mom at her work, but I stink and we couldn't find it. We headed to their house and just waited. They both came in the door and said the same thing, "What are you doing here?"

We saw Kelsey and Brian for a bit on Friday night as well. Derek got to meet Brian which was good.

It was great.

Friday night, we ate at Astro Burgers because I was totally ill and couldn't stand the thought of eating anything, burgers sound the least awful.

We stayed up late on Friday night, which is always fun, except when your children wake up very very early.

Saturday, we went shopping and Henry had the thrill of his life, getting to play at the playplace Burger King.

Saturday afternoon, we all went to see Kung Fu Panda at the dollar theater. Spencer was only happy so long as he was allowed to shove large amounts of popcorn into his mouth. When we ran out, we wandered the lobby until a very smart Granne got him some more popcorn. Henry never moved through the whole movie.

Saturday evening we grilled and ate ice cream. (Basically, I ate my way through the weekend.)

Sunday, we went to church and heard potentially the WORST talk ever, it was so bad that it was painful. At one point, Derek was so horrified by it, that he began to "take pictures" with a toy camera. Derek insists he was only trying to fix it because Henry was saying it was broken. But, we know he was just bored. By the end of the meeting, Henry was crying and begging to not be made to go to class. So, he came to class with me.

At the end of Relief Society, Henry yelled out, "I'm hungry! Let's go home!" So we did.

Alice came up and visited Sunday, and we drove up the mountain where the fire in Draper occurred, and we saw the new temple, which is beautiful. Henry threw a monumental tantrum when I wouldn't allow his grandfather take him to Burger King. Henry didn't give a crap about it being the sabbath. Spencer got in on the action and yelled a good bit of the way home as well.

Monday, we headed down the mountain and took Derek's grandmother out to lunch. It was great to get her up and out of the house. We managed to get all the way back to Vegas by dinner time.

I only threw up once the whole weekend, so it was a success. :)

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BloggingBills said...

And we absolutely loved the visit! We so glad you had the courage for such a lengthy drive. 6 hours each way is a lot of windshild time. Thank you so much for all the fun.
Love to all,


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