Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. We decided to drive up and see the family in Utah. A 6 hour drive is ever so much shorter than an 18 hour one from Kansas. There are perks to living in Vegas, I suppose.

Anyway, the boys had a great time with Granne and Papa and Caleb and Josh (my parents and brothers). We got to see Kelsey and Brian (my sister and her fiancee) for a while too.

Henry LOVED going to see Kung Fu Panda and Spencer liked the popcorn.

Basically, it was just nice to be with family for a bit. Now we're back in Vegas. Woohoo. :)


BloggingBills said...

Nothing about a super bad church talk? Nothing about your husband playing with a toy camera in church and making us laugh so hard we cried? Nothing about how 'cool' it got and how much you hate hot weather? I'm stunned by your lack of detail.

Not that you don't have a lot to do!

Just Joshing ya!
Love, Ma
I fond you all!

Alice said...

man, I thought you fond me. I didn't even get a mention. Sad day. Just kidding. I still fond you!

Morgan and Derek said...

I figured you could blog about all that for me... :) You're not busy either. ;)


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