Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pictures from Theater Camp

I'm posting pictures of theater camp, feel free to not look, consider it "Journaling" if you're bored. :)

Willy Wonka, played by Devyn, an 11 year old girl. I told her she could never walk on stage, ever! Her character was crazy, so she had to come up with other ways to move, so she rolled, skipped, hopped, frog leaped, etc. She was brillant. And she let us dye her hair BLUE! I made that hat, and every bit of the factory matched the colors. It was great.

his is Charlie (Played by Zach) and Grandpa Joe (Tyler). They were so great. I wish I had a pic of them flying in their harnesses. It was pretty much amazing!

Augustus Gloop (Gabby) and Mrs. Gloop (Mariah). Mariah is great, I told her that her character was "Twirly" and she took it and ran. It was beautiful to watch.

Mike Teavee (Karsten) and Mrs. Teavee (Allie) These are two kids I NEVER have to worry about. They were talented and completely reliable. And Allie didn't mind when I called her "Big Al" HAHAH!

Violet Beauregarde (Hayley) and Mrs. Beauregarde (Meagan). Hayley was so cute and quiet, but I needed her to be LOUD! So, I got her mom involved. Her mom made her scream random things out the car windows to strangers one night and magically, the next day, you could hear Hayley.

Veruca Salt (Emily) and Mrs. Salt (Julia). Emily was TERRIFIED to jump down the trap door, but she did it darn it!

During the finale. My oompas were cute.

When you're the director, one perk is LOTS of people give you flowers. We always have to leave them behind with the family we stay with, so I took a picture. They were gorgeous. But. I had to leave them. PURPLE roses! I love them!

This is the incredible Donhowe family. They were so wonderful to let us invade their home for three weeks. From left to right, Matthew, Kayla, Allie and Joanne (And my boys who LOVED them!)

The set, and the picture doesn't show even the half of it. It was INCREDIBLE. It involved shoots, tunnels, smelting pots, squirrel nests, Kids inside TVs, flying kids, a bubble machine and black lights. Derek did an amazing job! It was awesome.

And finally, one of the weekends we were there we went out on the lake with the Donhowes. It was a blast! Henry fell asleep, which was hysterical.

All in all, it was one of the best years we've had at camp. We're eager to head back for at least one more summer. And I know I'm nuts, but I can't help it, I love it.


The Wolford Family said...

Yeah boo boo - I'm glad you posted pictures it's fun to actually see what you've been talkng about. Hey are you done packing yet???? HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

BloggingBills said...

Yeah for the Boo and Head and family and congratulation on such a super successful Summer Theater Camp! The pics are terrific, thanks for sharing. Hope it works out for another summer in Menomonie! Good luck with your move. Hang in there it will all be great.
Love ya!

BloggingBills said...

Sounds like it was a big success! You are so good at what you do! Im sorry that your hubby is gone for the next few weeks! Good luck and keep us posted when you get to Vegas, we'll come say hi!

BloggingBills said...

Wow! What a huge job! I know you'll miss it but wow! I think you have twice as much fun as any of the kids!

Are you serious about coming back for another summer? That's a road trip and a half!

Did you spray paint the pipes? Did the paint stick? I am always looking for new things!



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