Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Henry's quotes

"Come on Mommy, we go get Daddy, we ride in an elevator and pick Daddy up in Las Vegas" (This one broke my heart, He put his shoes on and was standing by the door).

"Mommy, we build Daddy a new house. You wanna help me?" (Henry is desperately missing his daddy).

Henry: Mommy, I have a filishpod
Me: Yes, that's a fishing pole
Henry: Yes, a pooping fool.

And a quick one from Spencer: Derek was on the phone and Spencer was "talking" and suddenly said, "DADA!" it was awesome and a first.

My poor sweet husband is missing his boys pretty bad. Less than two weeks left!


Anna said...

I love the pooping fool comment. So cute.

Alice said...

I know a lot of pooping fools. I think I am now always going to call my fishing pole a pooping fool!


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