Friday, June 27, 2008

A Poem

I'm no poet, but darn it, this just came to me.

Ode to Las Vegas

We have just heard, that Vegas, is so very hot.
So we'll be there and hot a lot.

But we will pack our boxes
And leave Friends, Dear
and live in Vegas, where family is so near.

Vegas is so busy
With people everywhere
I'm sure that I'll get lost, more than I can bear

But we'll go and take our winter clothes
and leave them in a shed
we'll need no coats or jackets, nor hat upon our heads.

My babies will be so hot
they'll say they need a/c.
And then I'll have to get a job just to pay the fee.

Vegas will be fun, perhaps
Or maybe just a trip

But either way we're moving there
So, I'll accept this little tip

Just don't go to the strip.

The end.


Anna said...

Your moving to Vegas? When and Why? oh and how fun, we love Vegas.

Deb V. said...

Morgan, My best friend lives in Vegas, so I go there a lot and know the area pretty well. Also if you want/need someone to talk to about where to live good/bad etc I can give you her email address.

Morgan and Derek said...

Yup, we're moving to Vegas, we just found out! Crazy, huh? Derek will be teaching at UNLV.

Deb- yes! It's such a large area, that we're trying to establish as much of a network as possible! Go ahead and send me her email. THANKS! (oh, you can send it to

By the way, Deb! How the heck are you and Jason doing??

Yasmine said...

My best friend's family lives in Henderson, a suburb of Vegas. I was actually really impressed with it. There are TONS of LDS people, and even a temple. I think you'll really like it. Congrats to Derek!


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