Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We're home!

Well, we had a wonderful week with my family in Utah. Derek didn't get to come, so we drove the van with my friend Amelia and her two kids. Two mommies, two toddlers and two babies. It was BUSY! Crazy. But we survived.

The visit was so fun. We got to throw a big 30th birthday bash for my sister, Sarah. That was a blast! Mostly, we just hung out and played games. It was awesome!

Definately, one of the highlights of the trip was The Desert Star Theater's performance of "Indiana Bones." It was SO ridiculous. We had a blast.

I didn't like the driving so much, but we're home now and it was great to see my family. I'm so happy to be home. I missed my sweet husband A LOT.

We head to Wisconsin in a week. It's very exciting, Theater Camp here we come!


Alice said...

How long are you in the land of cheese? I want to come and visit!

Yasmine said...

Theater camp? You'll have to elaborate.
You look nice and tan!

BloggingBills said...


We loved every minute of having you home with us! We are thrilled that you will soon be Frying Your Fanny in Vegas and will be closer!

(This is your mom, I have to identify myself because so many people can use this account!)

Morgan and Derek said...

Yaz- Derek and I do a theater camp every summer in Wisconsin. Ages 6-13, this year we're doing Willy Wonka. It's three weeks of constant theater. It's a blast!


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