Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I made cookies today quite successfully. They were YUMMY, and I was even able to give them away. WOOHOO!

So, I have been trying to be a better mom.

PHEW! It's exhausting.

Not to mention that my small son is ADDICTED to the out-of-doors. The weather has been warm and windy, so we are outside all day long, except for naps and meals.

So, basically, I have been trying to play with my little ones more and they have a lot of energy. I'm TIRED.

It's been really actually WONDERFUL, not stressing about my house. I just clean up as I go, and throw my laundry in on the fly, and play play play. Henry's behavior is improving, Spencer is happy as a clam outside, and minus the allergies, things are going so well.

So, I'm trying to enjoy my kids and it's great and exhausting. I love it.

In other news, we finally purchased a crib. Yes, we've not had one until now, regardless of the fact that Henry is 2 1/2. He's never been one for sleeping alone, so we never bought one. But poor Spenc does NOT like sleeping in the pack n play or my bed, so he's in his own now. He adores it.

And my clean laundry that desperately needs to be put away is now in the pack n play.

AND finally, Henry is in love with his Superman cape. He runs around and makes me sing "SUPPPPPER HEEEENNNNNRRRY!!!" and then he strikes a pose with his hands on his hips and his chest sticking out. It's HILARIOUS. I need to get a picture.

All right, I'm done.

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The Winslow's said...

Are you in the terrible two stage as well, just think..these are the hurricane years, we will one day long for these days again...hard to believe now, but enjoy them while they're here.


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