Friday, April 11, 2008

I confess...

that I am not good at well, baking to be exact. I REALLY REALLY want to be. But, I am not.

I suppose I should clarify, if I am VERY careful, and I follow the recipe EXACTLY, and I set the timer and do not forget about it and go to Walmart... then, I can bake.


if I ever try to venture off on my own, or get slightly sidetracked, then I get in to trouble.


Okay, so I have been dying for oatmeal cookies. For some reason, I couldn't find my recipe, so I decided to take a chocolate chip cookie recipe and make it into oatmeal cookies.

Well, I didn't do it right.

WHY I didn't just google "oatmeal cookie recipe" I don't know. It seemed fun and adventurous to "make it up."

(I'd like to point out that when it comes to COOKING, I am not bad at making things up. Chuckwagon tacos are my most recent invention, and dang, they were good... But baking is just so stinking precise that I can't do it....)

The cookies were flat as pancakes. They tasted all right, but not great, so I shoved them all together and tried to make one big cookie. It wouldn't bake. It was sad. So I saved the dough, which tasted GREAT to put on ice cream, but they are NOT edible cookies.

THEN the very next day I decided to make banana bread. I forgot the baking soda. I was distracted. If you've never forgotten a levening agent, let me assure you, it is 100% necessary, so try not to forget it. I had to throw my banana-bread-bricks away, they did not taste good.

So, then on Wednesday, I had to make brownies, and I caved and bought a boxed mix. Then I was VERY careful, and promptly burned them. Poop.

I'm taking a break from baking for a while.

BUT, in my defense, I can make baby food that would make Mr. Gerber jealous.

YUM, manicotti, run through the food processor.


Chels said...

If you EVER need ANYTHING baked whilst you're back here for theater camp (or when you're in town for whatever reason) PLEASE call me. I promise not to make unlevened bricks or gobs of oatmeal mess or burned, boxed brownies. I'll save the day. lol

Carly said...

hahah Morgs I love reading your blog, you say things so....hilariously.

Sara would be so proud. lol.

Sara said...

haha, I AM proud! lol. Morgan you crack me up.

Morgan and Derek said...

Yes, I don't think anyone comes to ME for cooking help, but if they did, I'd definitely send them straight to you and Kate, Sara.

Kate said...

HahahaHA, Morgan! Just so you know, the oatmeal cookie recipe on the lid of Quaker oatmeal is awesome. Try that in the future... :) I love the picture of the flattened cookie.


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