Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I am so close to being a certified doula, it's scary. I have until April 26th to get all my crap together and get it in the mail. I AM SO CLOSE! I need one more eval from a doc (fingers crossed for my client who is having a baby soon, I hope, she was due last Tuesday), and

I have to write a research paper.

"The Purpose and Value of Labor Support." I have taken the final, written the other 3papers, read the books, gone to hours and hours and hours of class, gone to birth after birth, etc etc etc, and I am ALMOST DONE!

So, I here and struggling with writer's block. EVERY doula who certifies through DONA (Doulas of North America) has to write the SAME paper, on the SAME topic. How, then, do I write something original, well-researched and intelligent without sounding like EVERYONE ELSE???

I'm thinking about starting out with "Doulas kick arse and here's why:"

It's attention-grabbing, right?? I mean, you'd be curious and read on, right?

Sigh. Two long years of all this, and I'm stuck on a stupid paper.


In other news, Derek and I were "fake" fighting (which we do ALL THE TIME) today in the car and Henry FREAKED OUT, started yelling, "NO MAMA! BE QUIET! BE NICE TO DADDY!"

I am offended by this, of course. How QUICKLY my little son abandons the mother who gave him life, and sides with his dad.

Again, I say, GRRRRR.

At least Spencer still needs me.

Okay, no more messing around. I have got to get this paper written.

I wonder if I could buy one off the internet. ;) (Kidding, only kidding.)


Erin said...

Poor Morgan. I find it rather entertaining that Henry is very concerned about people being nice. I will, for the rest of my life, have very fond memories of him scolding Isaac. Isaac actually looked penitent. I long for that ability.

Yasmine said...

Hunter gets upset when Jason and I fake fight too-probably because our voices get loud. LUCKILY, he sides with me and tells Daddy to "Say sorry to mommy!" I love it. BTW, I have full confidence in your paper writing abilities. I think the only reason I got through 395 and 396 was because you helped me with all my papers-- and then yours were always better! You are very original- just write something normal for you and I guarantee it will be unique!

Anna said...

Mikelle always come to my aid, Mike and I don't argue in front of the girls but when he "attacks" me, Mikelle runs for me and says "I save you Mommy" then comes and gives me loves and tells her daddy that he can't get me anymore because she saved me. Its nice to have her defend me

The Winslow's said...

Morgan- I first met you at Girls Camp and have ever since been in awe how you can totally capture people and make them laugh and listen just by the way you explain things and how you're so animated....so take that advice to your paper, not that it will help much, but I have so much faith in you! You're way awesome!
Love ya, Jeana

Alisa & Jared said...

Yay! You always write awesome papers...so I can't really sympathize or worry about you for even a minute :-) That is SOOOOO awesome about your doula biz, etc. Wish I could be there to have you as my doula! I was reading on someone's blog the other day about natural childbirth. She had opted to go natural, and loved it (of course)! Her friend said to her "You don't get a Medal of Honor for that, you know" She commented back that if having a baby the way you were meant to have a baby isn't a Medal of Honor, what is? I couldn't agree more!


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