Sunday, April 6, 2008

My poor client...

my very overdue client had her baby yesterday in a beautiful, quick birth! Unfortunately her baby is very sick with pneumonia right now. It's awful! I feel utterly useless.

In other news, General Conference was basically amazing. I loved Elder Ballard's talk. It's nice when you can say that a talk was genuinely written for you, and I know his was. Being a young mom is such a challenge some days, but I love my job, and I'm grateful that our leaders are mindful of us and our struggles.

(For you non-LDS readers out there, General Conference is the World-Wide Conference for Latter-Day Saints. The president and prophet speaks as well as the Apostles and other leaders. It's AWESOME!).

Henry did not feel warmly towards conference and kept asking us to "turn off Daddy's movie! Play outside??" Poor darling!

Now, I must head to bed so I can go running early in the morning.

Good night!

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The Winslow's said...

I must agree with you Morgan, Elder Ballard's talk was awesome. I told Brandon that its amazing that at least one talk or more is written for me each conference, and this year was Elder Ballard's. A definate answer to many prayers! PS. how is your paper coming/going? Love ya, jeana


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