Saturday, March 15, 2008


So, after three blissful weeks of 100% healthy kids, we are back at it. Poor Spencer can't breathe, so he can't nurse, so he cries a lot. He's SO sick. We were both up all night. Henry is being a bear so I think he must be starting to feel it. Sigh. I'm having two doula babies in the next few weeks so I hope we're all done with this before the babies come. ARG.

We are shopping for....a .... MINIVAN. I find it humorous, by the way, that when I tell my mother this, she automatically assumes I am pregnant. NO MOTHER I AM NOT!

We're looking into Toyota, Honda and *gasp* Kias. And we're actually leaning towards a Kia. *double gasp*. But they rank just as high as both Toyota and Honda for a lot cheaper. I just need to get over the fact that it's a KIA! We're not buying yet, but soon. Weird. I'm so not ready for a minivan, but I need one dang it.

So, Henry needs a haircut, badly. I tried to "do" his hair the other day and this is what it was:


And this is after:

Then he FLIPPED OUT about how he didn't like "the soap" (gel) and didn't want his hair "up". So I brushed it flat. Maybe tonight I'll give him a hair cut.

Random Spencer cuteness:

I am SO tired, so TTFN!

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Erin said...

That looked like organized bed head. No wonder he flipped out. Spencer's darling. And, really, I hear about being pregnant from Mother every single day. It is totally your turn.


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