Sunday, March 16, 2008

A plug

for a yummy blog The Daily Bite

My friends Kate and Sara started it and it's LOVELY. Check it out! They're very talented girls.

Sundays are exhausting. The choir sang today, I shall NEVER get released from being the choir director. We are going to have move to get me out of it. At least they did a good job. That made me happy.

I'm off! (Short but sweet tonight).


Sara said...

Why did I have no idea you were the choir director?? If it's one of "those" callings, then it doesn't matter if you move- they'll find you in every ward! That's what has happened to me with Primary Music Chorister, lol.

Hey- thanks for the shout-out too!

McEuens said...

Thanks for the link. That one will definitely be getting bookmarked! How's Spencer doing? I hope he's feeling better.

Alice said...

When do I get to see you again? These blogs are great and all but really every time I read yours I just miss your guts! You are nice. Keep blogging.

Kate said...

Thanks, Morgs!! :)


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