Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Easter Bunny

came early to our house.

Well, in truth, when you take your two year old Easter shopping with you, you really shouldn't expect him to NOT want to play with the toy you buy him.

This darn keyboard is causing all kinds of problems. We bought it, expecting Henry to forget about it, but dang it all, he didn't. So, we said that he could play with it before bed, still in the wrapping. That lasted until he UNWRAPPED it.

THEN at 12:30 this morning (or night... who knows...) he was awake, and he had found his piano and was playing it. It took TWO HOURS to get him back to sleep.

Grr. So I gave up. The Easter Bunny came early. So there.

Also, yesterday, Henry TRASHED his room, so he could do this:

He told me he was building a house, and so he needed wood. He got the wood from his book shelves, and the basket WAS housing all the baby toys, until he emptied it.

Two years old.... sigh.


The Watts said...

Ah, sounds like an Architect in the making. Quick get him to want to go to law school. Architecture school almost killed me, but I took, like Henry started young, it was destiny. What a cute little guy.

Chels said...

He's building the house so he can clean it for the people who live there. He's destined to be a janitor.

Morgan and Derek said...

Yeah, Chels, except he HATES cleaning UP the mess now! I don't know what happened....

Krystal- I'll work on the law school thing.... ;)

Sara said...

Haha, Morgs this made me laugh out loud because just yesterday while i was in the shower Ty trashed *my* room so he could get "materials" to build a dog house (which looked surprisingly like Henry's creation). Apparently that's what they were doing on Sesame Street, lol.


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