Thursday, March 27, 2008

Murder Mystery

We went to a Murder Mystery Dinner last week and we had a BLAST! I ended up being a BROTHEL owner AND the murderer. It was so fun.

Oh, and my kids gave all the other kids being babysat during the party the stomach flu. WHOOPS! I thought they were better...

I *THOUGHT* a client was having a baby today, but after driving there an hour, going to see the midwife and driving home, turns out she's in labor but not really. Maybe tomorrow. It is VERY frustrating. BOTH my clients due this week are still pregnant and I desperately need ONE and ONLY ONE to have a baby so I can stop worrying about BOTH of them having a baby at the same time. ARG!

I'm going to bed!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Murder Mystery Parties are so fun!!!! We have done them at family reunions (my family), its nice to have a big enough family that we can do them. :)


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