Tuesday, March 25, 2008


THE STOMACH FLU! Ew. I am trying ever so hard to NOT throw up. I have two babies due this week. NO VOMITTING FOR ME! UG.

Why is it that every time my child goes to nursery he brings home some nasty, disgusting disease??? It's inevitable. I am irritated.

In other new, Spencer is getting a tooth, so while he was throwing up for the last two days he was doubly miserable with the teething. At least now the throwing up is over for him, so he can just teethe in peace. (Is Teethe really a word or is it JUST teeth-ing... who knows??)


I must go return Enchanted to the rental place, not that we got to watch it, but whatever. :)

Oh, and I stole this off Anna's blog (I'm speedy!):
73 words

Speed test

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