Saturday, March 29, 2008

17 hours later...

THAT was one LONG birth. 17 hours. PHEW! My client did amazing! She literally never once complained or said that she was in pain until the baby's head was crowning. Then she declared, "IT HURTS DOWN THERE!" Cute girl. She had terrible back labor so EVERY contraction (and usually in between) I'd push on the small of her back as hard as I could. If I took it away for a moment she'd say, "BACK!" And back my hand went. Her mom took about a half hour shift but other than that, it was my hand doing the pushing.

(Don't worry, I would have made her husband do it, but he is in Iraq, and called right as she was pushing/screaming her baby out, poor dear, heard it all and probably thought we were killing her...)

Anyway, my kids were away from me all day long and I missed all my boys terribly but they were GREAT for both sitters and their daddy. (Daddies are so much fun, he took them to Burger King for dinner.)

All in all, it was a fantastic birth, but SLOW and LONG. She was a trooper and just an amazing laborer, and I must say working with Midwives is literally the complete opposite of OBs. This was my first midwife-assisted birth, and the midwife was so calm, so helpful, just stayed for hours and worked with me and helped, and supported. It was awesome.

AHHH someday, I'll get that masters and put CNM after my name. For today, I sign out simply,

Morgan -Ing, Super Tired Doula

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