Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sick Kids

Ug. After Henry's piano antics two nights ago, I assumed he'd sleep LAST night. HA!

Poor dear threw up three times, and then was up every hour asking for water. We're both very tired. Now, he's spiked a fever and is MISERABLE, so now he's in the recliner watching Cheaper By the Dozen. He loves it. He is SO sad though.

Spencer is getting better, so WOOHOO!

This morning, I was trying to get Henry to eat, so I gave him one of those breakfast cookies but he wouldn't eat it *duh*, so I asked him if he had eaten it. He looks at me and goes, "No, I put it behind the blinds." I open the miniblinds, and sure enough it was sitting, uneaten on the window sill. NO idea why he stashed it there. Silly kidlet.

Spencer is eating a book, I better go parent him. :)


McEuens said...

Yeah, there was someone barfing in our house from Monday night to Sunday afternoon, complete with one ER visit. (More to follow on our blog if I ever get the chance.) Here's hoping Henry is the only one for you.

Morgan and Derek said...

You and Kara both in the ER huh?? Crazy.

Chels said...

Maybe you need to enunciate more around Spencer. RRRReeeeading, not eeeeeating.
E-mail me or call me and tell me how that nasty weather is treating your neck of the woods. I was a bit worried when I saw the news.


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