Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Help, I need somebody!"

Next to our changing table hanging on the wall, is an "accessory holder" that contains diaper cream, thermometers, etc. It has pockets all over it that have Winnie the Pooh characters on it. Henry LOVES Winnie the Pooh characters, not so much watching them, but he loves to read books with them. His favorites are Tigger, whom he calls "Tiii" and Eyeore, whom he calls, "Yoreeee" (So cute!).

So, I'm changing his disgusting rear end, and he HATES being changed, but he also refuses to use the potty, so whatareyagonnado???

Anyway, I'm changing him and he's squirming and wiggling saying, "NO MAMA!" And finally, he twists around to his side, so he can see his beloved Tiii and Yoree and cries pitifully, "Help me TII! Help me Yoreeeeeeeeee!"


Mitt Romney offical "suspended" his canidacy for president. Sigh. I'm seriously bummed by this. Oh well, I shall have to write in my mom or something. BUMMER!

I found out that there is a big chiropractic practice here in town that does a ton of prenatal chiropractic care and they get LOTS of requests for doulas. Apparently, they didn't know I existed, so they couldn't refer people to me. BUT, a client of mine is going to take them a bunch of business cards tomorrow. WOOHOO! I'm glad.

I was quite "accomplishy" today. Here is my list of things I did: (yes I'm going to list them, and no I don't care if you're bored....)
1. Got up at 5:43
2. Went and ran 2 miles
3. Sewed a sling
4. Cleaned my dishes/kitchen/living room/dining room and bedroom
5. Put away a TON of laundry
6. Took Henry to play group
7. Went to the bank and the post office
8. Had a playdate with Henry
9. Made bread for dinner
10. Bathed my kids
11. Put 'em to bed
12. Did some doula work
13. Played with my kids (before I put them to bed.)

Go me.

All right. I'm done making my "look at me" list.


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