Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chivalry 'aint dead...

It's just 75 years old.

So, I was at the Walmart. (Of course I was...) I was buying a cheapo bookshelf for my bedroom to house all my doulas books. I have, oh, a lot and they have been living in a rubbermaid container that is in terrible disrepair (can a rubbermaid be in disrepair? You don't usually repair them, well, maybe with duct tape, but usually you just chuck them...but I digress...) So, I heave and ho the thing into the bottom of my cart (the kids were in and on the cart). and then go to self-check out (why I don't know), heave it UP and attempt to scan it, only to find that it is an "exempt" item from self-check and therefore must be checked out by an offical Walmart Employee. So, I get it checked out. (I have lifted this stupid, very heavy thing four times by now.) Go out to the car, and buckle my kids in,

and THEN

a very kind, very elderly gentleman offers to help load it into my car. AWWW! I absolutely let him! I mean, the fact that I was PERFECTLY capable of loading it myself, having heaved it much by this point was irrelevant. He was being a perfect gentleman, and I wasn't about to forego that kind of chivalry. His cute little wife watched from the sidelines, smiling nicely.

THEN, he guided me out of the snow-covered parking space, so I didn't get schmucked by a dumb-butt teen driving way too fast, probably hyped up on Red Bull.

What a Dear.

In Children-related news (in case you hadn't caught on yet, Friends and Readers, I pretty much talk about my children ALL the time, it's kind of like the 10 o'clock news, guarantee that regardless of what day of the week it is, there WILL be a sportscast....)

Henry now refers to his "seat belt" on his car seat as a "belt seat." AND today he informed me that he needed to call Papa (My dad) RIGHT NOW. "MAMA! I need to call PAPA RIGHT NOW." HAH!

Spencer had his 6 month appt today. He's 17.9 pounds (only 37%tile) and 27.75 inches long (74%tile.) Long and lean.

Allrightyroo. I'm off to sew a sling. WOOHOO!


EM said...

Morgan-what's with the weird apostrophe before aint? And, we must discuss our fun and exciting plans for next week in Texas. I will call you later! :-)

Morgan and Derek said...

I thought there was an apostrophe in that "non" word somewhere, but I didn't know where, so I plunked it at the beginning, and people may do with it what they like.


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