Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One very very long day

Henry started his day this morning at 3:30. Yes, you read that correctly and no, I did not type INCORRECTLY. 3 freaking 30. He did fall asleep for an hour at 8 am, but otherwise, he was up ALL DAY. Now, please remember, that he is 2. So, if he's up; I'm up.

He needed some INTENSE parenting today. He's sleeping, now, thank heavens. Please, please please pray tonight that he doesn't pull this crap tomorrow morning. I am quite exhausted.

Spencer is obsessed with his rubber duck. I need to get video of it. It is freaking hilarious!


John, Kara and Andrew said...

That's the most horrific thing I've ever heard...I'm not even sure how I'd handle it!

Alisa & Jared said...

Oh Morgan, Morgan, Morgan...have I ever told you how much you make me laugh? Reading your blog is just liking talking to you (which I miss, by the way)! You say so many of the things that I would like to say (but because I put it off, it never happens...because as you so clearly explain...life happens)!

Isn't life so fun, and yet crazy, as a parent?

Congrats on the doula client in Walmart...how great!


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