Saturday, March 21, 2015

Frederick Has Arrived

He is here. We are so grateful, he is healthy, beautiful, squishy, sweet--deliciously so, just a joy. We waited for him, prayed for him, hoped for him, feared for him, and worked for him.

And it was worth it.

God is good. He is so good. And he knows the wishes of our hearts.

Frederick George, 8lbs 4 oz, 20 in long, born on Tuesday, March 17 at 10:06 am.

The squish won't last long enough. 

Everyone loves him. 

Our lil' leprachaun. (I die.) 

He is sleepy. It won't last either. 

More squish. 

Telling people the good news. 

Unimpressed with being weighed. 

Me at 39 weeks exactly. 24 hours later, he was in our arms. He surprised us with an early entrance. 

Life is good. 


Master P said...

Congratulations!! He is beautiful and everyone is glowing. For a brief second I thought "yeah... that squish isn't so bad... Maybe..." dangerous thoughts :) Enjoy!!!

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

He's beautiful!! Congratulations. After reading your birth story above, I have to say that you are one brave mama. Great job!!


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