Sunday, August 3, 2014

Today Spencer is SEVEN

Not much has happened that can be deemed "Blog worthy" around here lately. Just summer, summer, summer. Bbqs, bonfires, swimming parties, days at the lake, lazy days out in the yard, it's been a dream.

HOWEVER, August is the month of birthdays, and today was Spencer David's 7th.

Yesterday, he wanted to celebrate by going to Chuck E. Cheese's. While far from the favorite place to go for his PARENTS, he and his siblings had a blast. I'm glad they had fun. It took approximately 45 minutes for them to burn through two pizzas and 100 tokens. Insane.

Spencer, very seriously playing a game

He wanted cupcakes for his cake, a change from the last couple of years of a homemade ice cream cake. But whatever, kids are weird. 

He like his new shirt. 

I'm glad Spencer had a good birthday. It's funny to gauge how fast time passes by your kids' birthdays. You blink, and they have gone from tiny bald-headed baby to big seven year old boys. I love that they are growing and getting smarter and wiser each day, but wow. Time is not always kind. 

At seven years old Spencer: 

is going into second grade. 
can read pretty well, but writing is a challenge and a struggle. 
like to play outside, build with legos, draw, and run around. 
hasn't figured out a two-wheeler yet, but I think he'll get there yet this summer. 
has lost three teeth. The rest seem to be in no hurry. 
is sweet most of the time. 
is my most quiet, aloof child. He is trying to learn that when I call for him, he can't just ignore me. It's a challenge. 
is an early riser. I think this is here to stay. 
complains about almost nothing. 

I am thrilled to be Spencer's mom. I feel like we've known each other a long long time. Longer than we've been together here on earth, that's for sure. 

Happy 7th! 

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