Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Final Hurrah of Summer

We are celebrating the end of summer. Sadly. Summer has been straight up fantastic. Oh how we haved lived and loved summer. I let go of my expectations very early on. Our chore chart, for better or worse, was left to gather dust. School books were left forgotten on the shelf. I have/had some guilt about, but the reality was it was what we needed. We swam in the lake, had camp fires and bbq parties, swimming pool parties, hikes, picnics, outings galore. Oh my, I am mourning the passing of summer. 

To give us one final hurrah, Henry has been asking if they could sleep outside in the tent. We live in a ridiculously secluded woodsy lot, in a zero-crime town, so I figured, sure why not. To make it more fun, we had a camp fire, cooked hamburgers, ate watermelon and smores until we nearly burst. Then I tucked all four boys into the tent, ready for a night out. 

Ezra immediately changed his mind and came straightaway into his familiar bed. Oliver lasted twenty minutes. But the big boys made it all night and were up with the sun. 

It was pretty awesome. 

Wallace, the puppy (have you been introduced to Wallace? I can't remember...) found a bottle of blue food coloring IN THE YARD (Thanks a lot stinker butt kids) and well, the results were blue. Lots of blue. The whites of his EYES were blue. His mouth was blue. I'm sure his fur was too, but he's too dark to be able to tell. Anyway, both dogs were invited to the party, and Jonah at least behaved himself and didn't dye himself colors.

School will start for reals on Tuesday. It'll be great. All the books are awaiting readers, pencils need sharpening, but we're ready. Kind of. Well, I will be by Tuesday.

Cheers ya'll!

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Brian and Kelsey said...

Summer always deserves to go out with a bang


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