Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Long Time No Blog

Howdy. Derek reminded me kindly that I hadn't blogged in forever. It's NOT MY FAULT. I got locked out of one computer, another was exploded by a child with a metal spoon and an outlet (I'm not naming names, but his name is Spencer) and the other is soooo slow it makes me want to cry. 

But, now, I'm not locked out of a computer, and Derek bought me a replacement that is shipping as we speak for the one exploded by that aforementioned (but not named) child, who's name is Spencer. 

Busy was May, busy indeed. 

We found a new park. which is so so super fun, we went two days in a row. :) 

My sister, Erin and one of my dearest, oldest (as in known-the-longest) and bestest friends, Maren came to town, and we hit it up Girls-night-style in Boston. It was AMAZING, so much fun, but also, it was enlightening to realize and see how much we've all grown over the last thirteen years. We are wise, seasoned, experienced women who have a lot to offer the world and one another. It was just kind of cool to see how we really are grown-ups. WEIRD. 

Our town, oh how I love it, hosts a SPRING GALA every May, complete with five minute parade. This was during the karate demonstration. Henry is in there somewhere. 

Henry marching in the five minute parade. 

I don't really know what Oliver was doing here, other than eating an apple?? 

Hail. LOTS of it. It kills my pansies. 


Lawn Care. *Sigh* I miss the goats a bit. 

The boys all went on the Father-Son Campout and so Miriam and I had fun get-together with some girl friends. Miriam experienced her FIRST MANI/PEDI and was hilarious how much she loved it. She was so excited!!

So, there is May. It was mostly a good month, filled with regular moments and fun sprinkled throughout. Pretty much just life. 

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{B} said...

yay! glad to hear things are happy. :)


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