Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween first:

I can not sing the praises of our happy little town enough. The kids went to story time on Halloween and our fabulous youth librarian (dressed as a monarch butterfly) made it so fun, including a little pre-trick or treat stop to the General (and ONLY) store in town.

That night we headed to a "fall festival" with some friends, and while it was a fun, we were seriously disappointed in their trick or treating on their street. All but TWO houses had their outside lights out. It was TERRIBLE and it was RAINING. I had brought a fair amount of candy with us so we "trick or treated" in their house to various bedrooms. We got home oh so very late, and paid for all that fun the next day. :)

Spencer won this squash for most closely guessing it's weight. He guessed 6lbs and it was 5 lbs 15oz. He liked that he won.

And now onto Thanksgiving!

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