Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Hike

Things have been pretty quiet around these parts lately. Truth is, most days come and go, flowing right along without much that is noteworthy. It's good, to feel secure in our days and weeks. We look forward to things, counting down the days to life's little pleasures, but for the most part, every day is just a day.

It's so good.

Today, I'm battling the grumps. I don't want to deal with the short people who hang around here. I just want a vacation day.

So, rather than wallow in my own pathetic impatience, I'm posting the pictures from our fantastic hike the other Sunday. It was beautiful, perfect, cloudy fall weather, my absolute favorite kind. Winter is coming, according to the Almanac, we're in for it this year, unseasonable cold temps promised around Halloween, with snow flying in early November.

I'm trying to enjoy every minute of fall that I'm allowed.


Stacy said...

I really want to come take a hike in your backyard.

Erin said...



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