Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Apple Picking

Derek's dad and step mom are visiting us from Texas. We're all having entirely too much fun. The weather today was made in Heaven, so we headed for one of the 2431 pick-your-own apple farms here in this corner of the world.

(I took pictures of Ezra, I thought, but they seem to be not on my phone??? He had a wonderful time.)

It took approximately seven minutes to pick 40 lbs of apples. Seriously, it was quick and oh so fun. The farm we went to prunes their trees so they grow out instead of up, making all but the very highest accessible to us. The trees were heavy with apples, and every single one of us got to enjoy the deeply satisfying feeling that comes from gathering one's own food.

Essentially, it was a delightful afternoon.

1 comment:

Brian and Kelsey said...

Im not sure I can relate to this "deeply satisfying" feeling of picking your own food...I like to eat food though. :-) Looks like you guys had fun!


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