Monday, May 20, 2013

More Critters

So. We live in the woods. We have critters. Late the other night, we heard...someone...moving about in the attic above our heads.

Not cool.

Enter Gus and Jules.

$1000 to whomever gets the reference.



They are about 8 weeks old, and feisty little boogers. The brother and sister pair were adopted from a rescue in New Jersey and picked up halfway in Connecticut today. My dear friend Gail brought them to us. We also enjoyed a lovely lunch with her and her cutie baby girl. It was a good day.

Jonah (the dog) once is mystified by the new creatures. They all met briefly this evening after the little boys and girl went to bed. So far, so good.

The boys are abiding by my strict visitation rules: Two kids at a time, they stay in the bathroom, not picking them up, etc etc. It's going well!

Additionally and most assured UNRELATED, Miriam was introduced to PB&J  this evening. And it was a hit. YAY!


Kent said...


Kent said...

So do you send me a check or what?


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